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I have put off making a post about this for a while as I wanted to try and get myself sorted out with it before I did, but I think it's certainly time now.

At the beginning of April my record company dropped me from their books, citing the commercial failure of Sirens for it. Which is fair enough from a business point of view as the album hasn't actually earned enough money to break even from making it. (The only reason I'm not actually in debt over it is that I've earned songwriting royalties, performed shows, and the videoclip we filmed was done almost free as a favour from a friend.) What this all means for now is that I am without a label which, while giving me a certain freedom I didn't have before, means I also don't have a way to release my music in any tangible form.

That said, I will still continue to have digital purchases available and you can find them on the shop part of the website. I'll still be doing my outdoor basically-busking shows as I have been doing, but there won't be much more than that.

I'll keep everyone up to date with whatever happens and I like you all know. Much love to all the goth puppies who have been so supportive of me and I hope you continue to do so because this is when I'm really going to need it.
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The record company wants to release Wings on Fire as my next single, which is all good except for the fact that I have no idea how to even go about making a video for that song. It's one of the songs that I feel closest too, and that I feel is the most personal, and no music video is ever going to fit with it in my head. I refuse to do something literal about a beaten girlfriend, because that just feels... wrong. But to have something completely abstract doesn't feel right either. Hopefully whichever director they bring in will have some more interesting ideas as that's their job and not mine. But I won't say yes to anything on this song unless it feels exactly right. But I don't need to worry about any of this yet, as they're not looking at releasing the single until late August.

My record company has decided not to have me supporting their popstar of choice and has instead made the wise business decision to use someone who is actually similar and makes money for them. What an odd choice on their part!

I've written and recorded my first song entirely in Italian called La Morte Nella Vita, which I would post up on my MySpace to share as I kind of love it, but it's going on the next single and so I'm not allowed. (Damn record company! It's like living with music!parents!)

I will, however, be incredibly sneaky and play it live. And when I will play it live is tomorrow, 4pm, The Green Park - right underneath the Canada Memorial. I will be there with a keyboard and hopefully I'll manage to see a few of the people who follow this journal as well :)