Adrina (noplaceforthee) wrote,

Seven Days

Tags: pictures
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The 'we'll grow old together' was for me, right?! Because we will!

If you're my guitar ;)

They were the best waffles too.
NO, ME! The guitar can come too... ;)

Oh they were.
OT3 ;)
My smile is embarrassing.

I wish those kittens had come inside. We could have four cats, right? God, we'd be overrun.
Your smile makes me feel loved.

I think they belong to the abbey down the road, actually. They just like our garden.
Oh! Then I will smile forever.

I like their faces. They can play in our garden any time!
I like it when you do!
A major part of my week :)
:D!!!! I almost said "MINE TOO!" but what I meant was that YOU were a major part of my week, not that I was. That's pretty obvious.