Adrina (noplaceforthee) wrote,

Over the last week I shot the video for This Is No Place For Thee in this gorgeous estate garden in lots of layers of fabric. It was amazing but really exhausting. I don't think I ever before contemplating the amount of work that goes into a video clip, even a simple one like mine is. And because we've been wanting to shoot it in twilight we've had to do it over nine separate evenings.

Here are some shots from on the set. A sneak peek, if you like.

And then this morning I had to get up bright and early so they could make me look pretty for a photoshoot. I don't even know what it's for but it was fun, I suppose. (Photoshoots are a lot of sitting around, I have no discovered.)

Someone from the record company told me yesterday that I'd be much prettier without the septum, but I'm not getting rid of it. I've had this piercing for longer than I've had my tattoos. It's part of my 'me' now.

Next week I'm going down to London to visit some people (like the amazing and talented, Spectre) and I'll hopefully play some small gigs. Not many people read this journal (but I know there are some 'fans' now that I've talked to. You make me all tingly.) but for those that do and live in the London area, I'll make a post about where I'll be.
Tags: album, marketting image, photoshoots, record companies, siren songs, this is no place for thee, video clips

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