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It was my day off work and this morning when I woke up I was content to lie in bed all day feeling sorry for myself, which I would have done had my beautiful Mal brought me my favourite tea in bed - Oolong White Peach by Stash ♥ - and then stroked my hair like I was a kitty until he'd sufficiently encouraged me to get up and out of the house.

We went over to Victoria Park together with a picnic while our sig. others spent the day with their parents. (Mal's husband and my boyfriend are brothers. Adorable, yes.) It was lovely and I made delicous things for us to nibble and we had a pot of strawberry pomegranate tea. (I promise I've not been hired by Stash to endorse them, I just really love their tea.*)

This is me today:

You can't actually see it, but I finally got my septum re-pierced after my horrible tearing accident in February. I really missed it, although I have the wear the small ring for a while until it heals properly.

Mal leant me his coat when it got too cold.

He's rather chivalrous like that.

I still had a few raspberry cupcakes left over and so we made a detour on the way home to go to Deirdre Rose's house, where I promptly ignored everyone and ran off to the study to quickly write down the song that was fully forming in my head.

I recorded it half an hour later down in her studio and I'll probably put it up on the website in a few days as long as I'm still liking it then. At the moment I think it's a rather beautiful acapella ballad on Persephone/Kore, influenced by my choice of tea flavour ;)

* That said: Stash, call me and we'll make it happen. I'm ready and willing to be your taste-test bunny and tea-promoting good time gal.
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